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(7) $39 Limited Lines Automobile Agent [Video Class] #329071(7) $39 Limited Lines Automobile Agent [Video Class] #329071

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Cost: $39.00 (USD)
Credits: 20
Estimated Length: 20 hour(s)
Enrollment Valid For: 3 months

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20 Hour Limited Lines Automobile Only Agent Class - Online Video
(California Prelicensing Requirement)

Video Class (Prelicensing Online)

This is the Required class hours before taking the California State Exam. 
Video Access: 90 days

  • 20-30 minute videos [50 total] & review quizzes [50 total] to strength your knowledge of each section.
  • Unlimited review during access
  • Instant printable Certificate of Completion.
  • All completed course credits are automatically sent to the California Department of Insurance.

Course Material:

1. General & Limited Lines Automobile {Class Content} PDF
2. Videos - List by Topic & Time - Reference Limited Lines Automobile PDF
3. Videos - List by Topic & Time - Reference General (PDF)
4. How-To Use: My Account {Classroom} PDF
5. Certificate of Completion {Instantly printable & we submit CDI credits}

Insurance you can sell with this license:

Lines of Authority: Automobile Insurance

Topics Covered in this Class: 

The new limited lines automobile insurance agent will be trained to sell/service the lines more commonly available, less complex lines first, the other lines later. Sufficient knowledge is what this typical new limited lines automobile agent needs to know at the start of one’s career. The most specific knowledge is required in the following areas:

 General insurance concepts and principles 
 Insurance code and ethics
 Responsibilities and authority of a Limited Lines Automobile Insurance Agent insurance agent 
 Personal automobile liability, physical damage, and collision coverage
 Motorcycle coverage 
 Property and liability basics
 Low-cost automobile insurance
 Umbrella and excess liability insurance 
 A general understanding of all other of insurance and of how and where they apply.

In addition, this license authorizes the transaction of automobile insurance for the private, noncommercial use of the insured motor vehicle with a load capacity of 1,500 pounds or less. The insurance products that this license can transact are as follows:

 Automobile Liability Coverage which is limited to coverage of bodily injury and property damage liability, medical payments, and uninsured motorists’ coverage.

 Automobile Physical Damage/Other than Collision or Comprehensive Coverage includes all coverage of loss or damage to an automobile insured under the policy except loss or damage resulting from collision or upset.

 Automobile Collision Coverage includes all coverage of loss or damage to an automobile insured under the policy resulting from collision or upset.



Lou Yaw


Lou holds a college degree and has done graduate work in school administration; however he has been entertaining people since childhood.  For over 50 years, people have been dazzled with laughter and tears while attending his classes.  Lou also serves as an elder of a large church in Sacramento.  Lou has taught for 45 + years and is looking forward to another 30 before retiring.  Lou has two wonderful children, one who has followed in his father’s footsteps and now teaches in Washington.  His daughter and her husband have brought two wonderful children into this world. They are the apple of Grandpa’s eye. Lou loves traveling to see his two beautiful granddaughters and gets pretty excited when they all come down for the big family hoe-down.  Nothing better than the laughter of children running in the house!  Whenever he can get away you’ll find him at the slopes snow skiing.  Recently, Lou tried bull riding and is dreaming of the day when he’ll ride in the local rodeo just for the thrill of it.  When at home Lou takes pride in being a mechanic on a variety of vehicles and you can see him gardening and taking care of this fruit trees.  He is also training his horses to pull a 100 year old doctor buggy through the streets of Sacramento so he can show his horsemanship to everyone.



  1. GEN010 General Insurance (Online Lesson)
  2. GEN011 General Insurance Review (Online Lesson)
  3. GEN020 General Insurance (Online Lesson)
  4. GEN021 General Insurance Review (Online Lesson)
  5. GEN030 General Insurance (Online Lesson)
  6. GEN031 General Insurance Review (Online Lesson)
  7. GEN040 General Insurance (Online Lesson)
  8. GEN041 General Insurance Review (Online Lesson)
  9. GEN050 General Insurance (Online Lesson)
  10. GEN051 General Insurance Review (Online Lesson)
  11. GEN060 General Insurance (Online Lesson)
  12. GEN061 General Insurance Review (Online Lesson)
  13. GEN070 General Insurance (Online Lesson)
  14. GEN071 General Insurance Review (Online Lesson)
  15. GEN080 General Insurance (Online Lesson)
  16. GEN081 General Insurance Review (Online Lesson)
  17. GEN090 General Insurance (Online Lesson)
  18. GEN091 General Insurance Review (Online Lesson)
  19. GEN100 General Insurance (Online Lesson)
  20. GEN101 General Insurance Review (Online Lesson)
  21. GEN110 General Insurance (Online Lesson)
  22. GEN111 General Insurance Review (Online Lesson)
  23. GEN120 General Insurance (Online Lesson)
  24. GEN121 General Insurance Review (Online Lesson)
  25. GEN130 General Insurance (Online Lesson)
  26. GEN131 General Insurance Review (Online Lesson)
  27. GEN140 General Insurance (Online Lesson)
  28. GEN141 General Insurance Review (Online Lesson)
  29. GEN150 General Insurance (Online Lesson)
  30. GEN151 General Insurance Review (Online Lesson)
  31. GEN160 General Insurance (Online Lesson)
  32. GEN170 General Insurance (Online Lesson)
  33. GEN161 General Insurance Review (Online Lesson)
  34. GEN171 General Insurance Review (Online Lesson)
  35. GEN180 General Insurance (Online Lesson)
  36. GEN181 General Insurance Review (Online Lesson)
  37. GEN190 General Insurance (Online Lesson)
  38. GEN191 General Insurance Review (Online Lesson)
  39. GEN200 General Insurance (Online Lesson)
  40. GEN201 General Insurance Review (Online Lesson)
  41. GEN210 General Insurance (Online Lesson)
  42. GEN211 General Insurance Review (Online Lesson)
  43. GEN220 General Insurance (Online Lesson)
  44. GEN221 General Insurance Review (Online Lesson)
  45. GEN230 General Insurance (Online Lesson)
  46. GEN231 General Insurance Review (Online Lesson)
  47. GEN240 General Insurance (Online Lesson)
  48. GEN241 General Insurance Review (Online Lesson)
  49. GEN250 General Insurance (Online Lesson)
  50. GEN251 General Insurance Review (Online Lesson)
  51. GEN260 General Insurance (Online Lesson)
  52. GEN261 General Insurance Review (Online Lesson)
  53. GEN270 General Insurance (Online Lesson)
  54. GEN271 General Insurance Review (Online Lesson)
  55. GEN280 General Insurance (Online Lesson)
  56. GEN281 General Insurance Review (Online Lesson)
  57. GEN290 General Insurance (Online Lesson)
  58. GEN291 General Insurance Review (Online Lesson)
  59. PRO010 Property (Online Lesson)
  60. PRO020 Property (Online Lesson)
  61. PRO011 Property Review (Online Lesson)
  62. PRO021 Property Review (Online Lesson)
  63. PRO030 Property (Online Lesson)
  64. PRO031 Property Review (Online Lesson)
  65. PRO040 Property (Online Lesson)
  66. PRO041 Property Review (Online Lesson)
  67. PRO050 Property (Online Lesson)
  68. PRO051 Property Review (Online Lesson)
  69. PRO060 Property (Online Lesson)
  70. PRO061 Property Review (Online Lesson)
  71. PRO070 Property (Online Lesson)
  72. PRO071 Property Review (Online Lesson)
  73. PRO080 Property (Online Lesson)
  74. PRO081 Property Review (Online Lesson)
  75. PRO090 Property (Online Lesson)
  76. PRO091 Property Review (Online Lesson)
  77. PRO100 Property (Online Lesson)
  78. PRO101 Property Review (Online Lesson)
  79. PRO110 Property (Online Lesson)
  80. PRO111 Property Review (Online Lesson)
  81. PRO120 Property (Online Lesson)
  82. PRO121 Property Review (Online Lesson)
  83. CAS050 Casualty (Online Lesson)
  84. CAS051 Casualty Review (Online Lesson)
  85. CAS070 Casualty (Online Lesson)
  86. CAS071 Casualty Review (Online Lesson)
  87. CAS080 Casualty (Online Lesson)
  88. CAS081 Casualty Review (Online Lesson)
  89. CAS090 Casualty (Online Lesson)
  90. CAS091 Casualty Review (Online Lesson)
  91. CAS100 Casualty (Online Lesson)
  92. CAS101 Casualty Review (Online Lesson)
  93. CAS110 Casualty (Online Lesson)
  94. CAS111 Casualty Review (Online Lesson)
  95. CAS120 Casualty (Online Lesson)
  96. CAS121 Casualty Review (Online Lesson)
  97. CAS130 Casualty (Online Lesson)
  98. CAS131 Casualty Review (Online Lesson)
  99. CAS140 Casualty (Online Lesson)
  100. CAS141 Casualty Review (Online Lesson)
  101. LLA010 Limited Lines Automobile Affidavit (Online Lesson)


  1. 20 hr Limited Lines Automobile #329071
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