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Personal Lines Broker-Agent #332231 (20 HR OnDemand Video) Class OnlinePersonal Lines Broker-Agent #332231 (20 HR OnDemand Video) Class Online

$39.00 (USD)

001 CA Personal Lines Broker-Agent (20 HR OnDemand Video) Class Online
(California Pre-License Requirement)

Online OnDemand Video Lectures and Review Quizzes (Pre-License Class Online)

OnDemand Video Access: 60-days included with your purchase (Allow 2 minutes for videos to show in your 'My Account')

OnDemand Insurance Class

  • 20-30 minute OnDemand video lectures [55 total]
  • Two question review quiz [55 total] to strengthen your knowledge after each video section
  • Unlimited review during access
  • Instant printable Certificate of Completion when you complete all class sections
  • All completed class credits are electronically sent the next business day to the California Department of Insurance

Course Material:

1. General & Personal Lines {Class Content} (PDF), 2. Videos - List by Topic & Time - Reference Personal Lines (PDF), 3. Videos - List by Topic & Time - Reference General (PDF), 4. How-To Use: My Account {Classroom} (PDF), 5. Certificate of Completion {Instantly printable & we submit CDI credits}

Insurance you can sell with this license:

Lines of Authority: Personal Auto, Home Owners, Umbrella or Excess Liability, Earthquake, Residential Property Insurance, Flood, and Watercraft.


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Credits: 20
Estimated Length: 20 hour(s)
Valid for: 60 Day(s)


Name View Schedule
Online Lesson1. GEN010 General Insurance -
Online Lesson2. GEN011 General Insurance Review -
Online Lesson3. GEN020 General Insurance -
Online Lesson4. GEN021 General Insurance Review -
Online Lesson5. GEN030 General Insurance -
Online Lesson6. GEN031 General Insurance Review -
Online Lesson7. GEN040 General Insurance -
Online Lesson8. GEN041 General Insurance Review -
Online Lesson9. GEN050 General Insurance -
Online Lesson10. GEN051 General Insurance Review -
Online Lesson11. GEN060 General Insurance -
Online Lesson12. GEN061 General Insurance Review -
Online Lesson13. GEN070 General Insurance -
Online Lesson14. GEN071 General Insurance Review -
Online Lesson15. GEN080 General Insurance -
Online Lesson16. GEN081 General Insurance Review -
Online Lesson17. GEN090 General Insurance -
Online Lesson18. GEN091 General Insurance Review -
Online Lesson19. GEN100 General Insurance -
Online Lesson20. GEN101 General Insurance Review -
Online Lesson21. GEN110 General Insurance -
Online Lesson22. GEN111 General Insurance Review -
Online Lesson23. GEN150 General Insurance -
Online Lesson24. GEN151 General Insurance Review -
Online Lesson25. GEN160 General Insurance -
Online Lesson26. GEN161 General Insurance Review -
Online Lesson27. GEN170 General Insurance -
Online Lesson28. GEN171 General Insurance Review -
Online Lesson29. GEN180 General Insurance -
Online Lesson30. GEN181 General Insurance Review -
Online Lesson31. GEN190 General Insurance -
Online Lesson32. GEN191 General Insurance Review -
Online Lesson33. GEN200 General Insurance -
Online Lesson34. GEN201 General Insurance Review -
Online Lesson35. GEN210 General Insurance -
Online Lesson36. GEN211 General Insurance Review -
Online Lesson37. GEN220 General Insurance -
Online Lesson38. GEN221 General Insurance Review -
Online Lesson39. GEN230 General Insurance -
Online Lesson40. GEN231 General Insurance Review -
Online Lesson41. GEN240 General Insurance -
Online Lesson42. GEN241 General Insurance Review -
Online Lesson43. GEN250 General Insurance -
Online Lesson44. GEN251 General Insurance Review -
Online Lesson45. GEN260 General Insurance -
Online Lesson46. GEN261 General Insurance Review -
Online Lesson47. PRO010 Property -
Online Lesson48. PRO011 Property Review -
Online Lesson49. PRO020 Property -
Online Lesson50. PRO021 Property Review -
Online Lesson51. PRO030 Property -
Online Lesson52. PRO031 Property Review -
Online Lesson53. PRO040 Property -
Online Lesson54. PRO041 Property Review -
Online Lesson55. PRO050 Property -
Online Lesson56. PRO051 Property Review -
Online Lesson57. PRO060 Property -
Online Lesson58. PRO061 Property Review -
Online Lesson59. PRO070 Property -
Online Lesson60. PRO071 Property Review -
Online Lesson61. PRO080 Property -
Online Lesson62. PRO081 Property Review -
Online Lesson63. PRO090 Property -
Online Lesson64. PRO091 Property Review -
Online Lesson65. PRO100 Property -
Online Lesson66. PRO101 Property Review -
Online Lesson67. PRO110 Property -
Online Lesson68. PRO111 Property Review -
Online Lesson69. PRO120 Property -
Online Lesson70. PRO121 Property Review -
Online Lesson71. PRO130 Property -
Online Lesson72. PRO131 Property Review -
Online Lesson73. PRO140 Property -
Online Lesson74. PRO141 Property Review -
Online Lesson75. PRO150 Property -
Online Lesson76. PRO151 Property Review -
Online Lesson77. PRO160 Property -
Online Lesson78. PRO161 Property Review -
Online Lesson79. PRO170 Property -
Online Lesson80. PRO171 Property Review -
Online Lesson81. PRO180 Property -
Online Lesson82. PRO181 Property Review -
Online Lesson83. PRO190 Property -
Online Lesson84. PRO191 Property Review -
Online Lesson85. PRO200 Property -
Online Lesson86. PRO201 Property Review -
Online Lesson87. PRO210 Property -
Online Lesson88. PRO211 Property Review -
Online Lesson89. PRO220 Property -
Online Lesson90. PRO221 Property Review -
Online Lesson91. CAS050 Casualty -
Online Lesson92. CAS051 Casualty Review -
Online Lesson93. CAS060 Casualty -
Online Lesson94. CAS061 Casualty Review -
Online Lesson95. CAS070 Casualty -
Online Lesson96. CAS071 Casualty Review -
Online Lesson97. CAS080 Casualty -
Online Lesson98. CAS081 Casualty Review -
Online Lesson99. CAS090 Casualty -
Online Lesson100. CAS091 Casualty Review -
Online Lesson101. CAS100 Casualty -
Online Lesson102. CAS101 Casualty Review -
Online Lesson103. CAS110 Casualty -
Online Lesson104. CAS111 Casualty Review -
Online Lesson105. CAS130 Casualty -
Online Lesson106. CAS131 Casualty Review -
Online Lesson107. CAS140 Casualty -
Online Lesson108. CAS141 Casualty Review -
Online Lesson109. PER400 Personal Lines -
Online Lesson110. PER401 Personal Lines Review -
Online Lesson111. PER410 Personal Lines -
Online Lesson112. PER411 Personal Lines Review -
Online Lesson113. PER420 Personal Lines -
Online Lesson114. PER421 Personal Lines Review -
Online Lesson115. PER430 Personal Lines -
Online Lesson116. PER431 Personal Lines Review -
Online Lesson117. PER440 Personal Lines -
Online Lesson118. PER441 Personal Lines Review -
Online Lesson119. PER450 Personal Lines -
Online Lesson120. PER451 Personal Lines Review -
Online Lesson121. PER460 Personal Lines -
Online Lesson122. PER461 Personal Lines Review -
Online Lesson123. PER470 Personal Lines -
Online Lesson124. PER471 Personal Lines Review -
Online Lesson125. PER480 Personal Lines -
Online Lesson126. PER481 Personal Lines Review -
Online Lesson127. PER490 Personal Lines -
Online Lesson128. PER491 Personal Lines Review -
Online Lesson129. PER500 Personal Lines -
Online Lesson130. PER501 Personal Lines Review -
Online Lesson131. PER510 Personal Lines -
Online Lesson132. PER511 Personal Lines Review -
Online Lesson133. PER520 Personal Lines -
Online Lesson134. PER521 Personal Lines Review -
Online Lesson135. PER530 Personal Lines -
Online Lesson136. PER531 Personal Lines Review -
Online Lesson137. PER540 Personal Lines -
Online Lesson138. PER541 Personal Lines Review -
Online Lesson139. PER550 Personal Lines -
Online Lesson140. PER551 Personal Lines Review -
Online Lesson141. PER560 Personal Lines -
Online Lesson142. PER561 Personal Lines Review -
Online Lesson143. PER570 Personal Lines -
Online Lesson144. PER571 Personal Lines Review -
Online Lesson145. PER572 Personal Lines Affidavit -
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