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$39 Property Broker-Agent  [Video Class] #329072$39 Property Broker-Agent [Video Class] #329072

$39.00 (USD)

20 Hour Property Broker-Agent Class - Online Video
(California Pre license Requirement)

Class covers Public Adjusters pre license requirement.
Printed book & exam practice questions coming soon.

Video Class (Pre license Online)

This is the Required class hours before taking the California State Exam.
Video Access: 90 days

  • 20-30 minute videos [57 total] & review quizzes [57 total] to strength your knowledge of each section.
  • Unlimited review during access
  • Instant printable Certificate of Completion.
  • All completed course credits are automatically sent to the California Department of Insurance.

Course Material:

1. General & Property {Class Content} (PDF)
2. Videos - List by Topic & Time - Reference Property (PDF)
4. How-To Use: My Account {Classroom} (PDF)
5. Certificate of Completion {Instantly printable & we submit CDI credits}

Insurance you can sell with this license:

Lines of Authority: Business Owner's Policy, Commercial Property, Personal Property, All Auto, Crop, Homeowner's, Dwelling, Umbrella or Excess Liability, Earthquake, Residential Property Insurance, Inland Marine, Livestock, Equipment Breakdown, Flood and Watercraft.

Topics Covered in this Class: 

The most specific knowledge is required in the following areas:

 General insurance concepts and principles 
 Insurance Code and Ethics 
 Responsibilities and authority of a Property Broker-Agent 
 Business Owner’s Policy 
 Commercial Property 
 Earthquake Coverage 
 Flood Insurance 
 Homeowner’s Insurance 
 Personal Property (2)

To a lesser degree knowledge is required of:

 A general understanding of all other lines of insurance

As defined by the National Association of Insurance Commissioner’s Producer Licensing Model Act, a Property Broker-Agent’s lines of authority are defined as insurance coverage for the direct or consequential loss or damage to property of any kind. The list below contains a sample of some of the insurance products that can be transacted with this license.

Businessowners Policy (BOP) covers small and medium sized businesses. Business owner’s policies basically consist of integrated property coverage, general liability coverage and some additional types of coverage that most businesses require. Optional coverages can also be added to meet specific needs of the business. Auto and worker’s compensation are generally excluded.

Commercial Multiple Peril is a package insurance policy that provides both liability and property coverage for businesses and other organizations.

Commercial Property Coverage applies to real property (such as buildings, factories and warehouses) and business personal property (furniture, fixtures and inventory). It commonly provides time element coverages such as loss of income. Prelicensing Education Educational Objectives California Property Broker-Agent Examination Revised 3-7-11 PROP - page 2

Crop Insurance is coverage for crops in the event of loss or damage by insured perils including hail, fire, and lightning. Prior to the passage of the Federal Crop Insurance Act in 1938 it was virtually impossible to obtain insurance protection against crop damage. Today coverage is available from the Federal Crop Insurance Corporation as well as from private sources. Exclusions from coverage include the perils of war and nuclear disaster.

Dwelling Property is coverage for property damage to a personal dwelling. This will include at least coverage for fire and lightning but can be enhanced to include additional property coverages such as water damage, smoke, and theft. It differs from a homeowner’s policy in that liability must be added by endorsement.

Earthquake Insurance is a form of property insurance that pays the policyholder in the event of an earthquake that causes damage to the property. Most homeowners’ and dwelling fire insurance policies do not include earthquake damage. Equipment Breakdown Insurance is insurance commonly referred to as boiler and machinery insurance, covers the costly physical and financial damage that can result from an equipment breakdown.

Equipment Breakdown insurance can pay for: direct property loss (the cost to repair or replace damaged equipment); lost business income and costs for temporary replacement equipment; other expenses incurred to limit the loss or speed restoration of operations; loss value of spoiled products or materials; and business recovery expense.

Flood Insurance is insurance that compensates for property damage arising flooding. The federal government is primary writer of the coverage which offers the coverage in federally designated flood areas. Flood coverage is excluded on most homeowners and dwelling fire policies.

Homeowners insurance is a combination of both property and casualty coverages arising out of the ownership of a home. Coverage includes damage to the home, its contents, additional living expenses, and for the insureds personal liability. The homeowners’ coverage can be used in different formats to insure mobilehomes and farms if owned by an individual.

Inland Marine insurance is a broad category of property insurance generally covering loss to movable property or unusual risks. In personal lines, inland marine includes coverage for personal effects like jewelry, fine art, sports or musical equipment. Inland Marine coverage in commercial lines can include but is not limited to Equipment Floaters, Builders Risk, Jewelers Block and Difference in Condition policies. Prelicensing Education Educational Objectives California Property Broker-Agent Examination Revised 3-7-11 PROP - page 3

Livestock coverage is designated for horses and other farm animals if they are damaged or destroyed. The insurance includes registered cattle and herds, other farm livestock, and zoo animals. This type of insurance protects the farmer or rancher against the premature death of animals resulting from natural causes, fire, lightning, accidents, and acts of God, acts of individuals other than the owner or employees, and destruction for humane purposes.

Personal Lines are property/casualty insurance products that are designed for and bought by individuals, including homeowners and automobile policies. Personal Lines is also offered as a limited line license through the California Department of Insurance.

Credits: 20
Estimated Length: 20 hour(s)
Valid for: 3 Month(s)


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