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Are you looking for an In-Person one day cram that will test your knowledge of insurance, give you the information you need to pass the California State Exam and Strategies to know how to understand and answer correctly? This Cram is offered in California the Greater Sacramento Area?

"When I took the online course I didn’t realize how important it was to use all the study material. And then I lost access and then life got away from me and I didn’t take the state exam until a few months later. Without the in person cram class and taking all of the practice exams I truly don’t believe that I would have passed the 2nd time." ~ JC

[Note: Cram practice exams are only included for students taking the one day in-person cram class]

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Cram Class for Property & Casualty State Exam December 13th

Cost: $149.00 (USD)
In-Person Instruction and test prep (6 hours) Date : December 13th 2019 | Time : 9 am - Noon [break for lunch] 1 pm - 4 pm
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