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Based on my experience with your class, I feel that your class was, foremost, very informative and very comprehensive. The information you have provided in your class was very useful and helped me to understand many different concepts of insurance that I did not come across before. The videos were great and provided much needed information to understand how the insurance works and what can be expected out of different insurance policies. The most informative, I found, to be the book. The book is an excellent tool to study for the exam and opened up different issues found in property and business insurance concepts. The trial questions could use some overhaul, but overall were good and very informative. I would strongly recommend your course to those who would like to study the business of insurance. Thank you.

~ Michael K. 

Completed the online training for Property and Casualty Insurance. Successful! I passed the state exam.
The online class is very lively, it is as if you were in an actual class room.

Lou lets you know what you need to focus on and provides different ways to allow you to understand the subject.
~ Rebeca C. 

Me and my Girlfriend just passed our P and C Dept of Insurance Exam on the first try! We both felt  confident and had a very good score and felt very prepared for the test while taking it.  Your classes were very enjoyable and the practice questions had me very prepared for the test!

Thanks Uncle Lou!
~Devon M.

Completed the online training for Property and Casualty Insurance. Successful! I passed the state exam.

The online class is very lively, it is as if you were in an actual class room.

Lou lets you know what you need to focus on and provides different ways to allow you to understand the subject
~ Rebeca C. 

"Lou Yaw and his team at America's Training Center are awesome. I took his classroom training back in 2000 but let my license expire. He made the classes fun with his humor, funny hats, and outfits. He has an amazing amount of knowledge; I passed the test the first time. I recently decided to get my license back and called him. I had to redo all my continuing ed, etc. I was sad to learn that he no longer has the classroom, however, he had a pkg that I purchased with the study questions, books, and videos. He is not a monotone speaker, still has his funny outfits, and tells stories to make the curriculum sink in. And yet again I passed the exam by 20% more than I needed to. I definitely recommend them." 
~S Ahearn 

"Using America's Training Centers online courses, I was able to pass my Property Casualty Broker Agent exam. 
During the practice testing period for the exam, I used a different company for practice tests but I quickly learned that the other provider's practice exams were basically worthless: The other company charged me for every practice exam and they were not helpful. I then decided to enroll in Lou's practice exam arrangement. Lou's practice exam arrangement is much better and allowed me to pass the exam. 
Study hard and you will pass using America's Training Center. Good luck!" ~DD

"Our agency has been using America's Training Center for years and we wouldn't even consider going anywhere else.  We have six licensed agents in our office, all with different requirements and renewal dates.  Rochelle at ATC takes care of all our continuing education needs and makes it as painless as possible.

The rest of the staff is awesome, but I rarely speak with them because Rochelle always makes herself available, and if not, returns our calls asap.

All the continuing education books and test forms arrive promptly and results are delivered to us the day we submit them." ~Bryan L.

"Wonderful! Lou made learning insurance so much easier than the "other" school I went to first. Let me tell you I had to retake my test multiple times and then came to Americas Training Center and passed on the first try! I would definitely recommend Lou. His staff is also amazing! I will continue to attend classes here for other licenses and CE." ~Stimulate P.

"I passed my insurance test!!!! I wanted to let America's Training Center know i passed my Property & Casualty Agent/Broker license test! I wanted to thank your school and Lou for the effort you have put into those videos they really helped!! Thanks again!" ~Roxanne M

"When I signed up for property & casualty online course; I was a little skeptical because, 1. The course was online which means I had to work hard 2. I didn’t purchase any book to study after the lecture; not to mention I don’t do well on taking the test. After the first day of listening to Mr. Lou Yaw, I realized that I don’t have to worry about any of these because he explains the course very thoroughly that it sticks in your head. I passed first time with no problem; it’s because Mr. Yaw makes teaching fun." ~Abdul S

"I wanted to let you know that thanks to your wonderful prelicensing course, and your style of teaching, I passed the DOI exam for Life, Accident and Health. After taking your course and scoring 95% or better on the practice exams, I felt really prepared and confident with the information. Thank you for the great preparation. I really learned a lot of valuable information from this course and I wish I had done it many years ago." ~HB

"I took the exam today and passed. I received a 75.3% Your course was wonderful, and absolutely the reason for my passing grade." ~Shurlyne

"My experience with America’s Training Center has been awesome! If Lou or his staff doesn’t have an answer for me about anything, they either answer it, go get it, or refer me directly where to go to get my answer. Lou is great; he is one-of-a-kind, and I appreciated his personal stories. Lou is honest and upfront, and he focuses on each of his students passing his/her respective state insurance exam. Mike Wallace was the master of television interviewing; Uncle Lou is the master insurance school teacher. Thank you for your services!" ~Geoff Y

"Outstanding customer service, easy to speak with on the phone, thorough with follow up." ~T. Hopping

"You are the best business school. Without you, I am not the way I am." ~K. Lor

"Thank you for your help! And thank you for such an amazing class. Was very excited to pass the first time. Hope you have a good day." ~Jacob

"I just wanted to Thank-You "Uncle Lou" for my passing grade on the California Department of Insurance exam (I took it this morning). It is clear that your testing material is the BOMB. I passed. I used America's Training Centers Insurance Material and Passed the first time. I am Very Pleased, I will be endorsing your program to all my associates." ~M.B.

"Though very complexed - The instructor funneled it very well (in a practical manner) I would feel comfortable endorsing your training program.  I believe anyone can learn Insurance theory in this class because it is presented in a daily and practical and applicable ways of life.  Coming to this training program is one of the best decisions I've made. Thank you for helping in my success!" ~ J. Garcia

"I enjoyed the instructors upbeat presentation and sense of humor! He made a complex subject matter easier to grasp.  I have never taken a license training course but this class was a winner in my book.  I liked the stories and the examples.  Thanks for the help Lou." ~L. Brashear

"Lou is a great instructor.  I made it through his insurance class 6 1/2 months pregnant." ~A. Franco

"This was a great course and was so easy to keep my attention the whole time.  Thank you for making this fun and interesting. ~P. Harvey
"The information by Lou was clear and easy to understand." ~Keith

"Everyone at the America's Training Center insurance classes are Fantastic!" ~C. Kiyan

"Don't Lose Come to Lou's! Thank you for the Training Great Job Lou! -H. McCracken Great fun while learning. Thank You" ~J. Ditmars

"Thank You very much Lou. I will recommend your course to anybody in the Insurance business. Uncle Lou the BEST IN THE WEST!! Lou you are terrific."

"I have received both my Property and Casualty and Health and Life license with America's Training Center.  Lou Yates program is bullet proof if you follow it.  I had no experience at all with insurance zero.  I took the online course and studied the online exams and pass my state exams.  Also the customer service is amazing.  I had issues with the online class sometimes and they fixed it every time quickly. I feel lucky to be trained by a legend. 3 years later I am a insurance broker making a great living with the help of America's Training Center.  I also still call Lou from time to time to ask questions about insurance." ~Matthew R.

"I am very pleased to write these words of gratitude to the America's Training Center. My career began with the study of fundamentals of insurance in 2004. Thanks to the excellent organization of the educational process and competent selection of teaching materials as well as full support, I was able to pass a difficult exam in the state of CA and get a license for my CAREER. Since then my education continued as well as my successful business. I am always pleased to remember the beginning of my success. Thank you Uncle Lou." ~Aleksandr S.

"I went to AmericaSTC, when another insurance training program failed in having good exam studies. Personally, I did not take their training course, as I already had my 52 hours in for my P&C, but I did merely take their Practice Exam Online Test Review Questions. After one month, my test score at PSI went up 30%! I am, at the moment, now taking the same course for my Life & Health. Thanks for the help. :)" ~Michael H.

"Finished the course, finished the practice tests, took the state exam, passed the state exam!!!!   thank you americas training center!!!" ~Louis C.
*When we are able to verify that a student gave us a 5 Star testimonial, you will see, the 5 Stars next to that testimonial. If a student provided a testimonial and didn't provide a Star rating or didn't email us with their prefered rating, then you won't see, a set of Stars next to that testimonial.


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