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California Pre License Provider #312268 and California Continuing Education Provider #312269

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California Video Insurance Training Courses

Registering creates your account and provides us with the information needed to submit your credits to the California Department of Insurance (when you complete a certificate course). Pre License and/or Continuing Education.

1. You can use your SSN or ITIN to receive pre-license certificate credit with CDI.
2. When purchasing printed material, we will use the shipping address you provide to mail your material.



Get A License: Don't Read, Watch Video

California Pre License Provider #312268

Don't lose time with courses you don't need. Choose the specific course for your exact state exam.


To 'get a California insurance license' (If you don't have an active California insurance license), you need one of these pre-license classes. For your first license, you must complete a 32 or 52-hours pre-license course certificate. Includes a 12 hr Codes and Ethics course certificate.

Public Insurance Adjuster Video Class, Materials
(20 hr course certificate)

Transfer an Active Insurance License to California from another State

Want to skip the California state exam? Get a non-resident (Non-California Address) license. Complete this 12-hour Ethics and California Insurance Code course and apply for a resident's (California Address) license within 90 days of canceling a license in your previous home state. CDI license fees apply.



Add A License: Don't Read, Watch Video

California Pre License Provider #312268

Don't be left behind in this market. Our 'Add A License' courses gives you more selling power with less study time.


When you have an active California insurance license, you need one of these pre-license classes. To 'Add A License' complete a 20 or 40-hours pre-license course certificate. Add any license type that you don't have active with the California Department of Insurance. No 12 hr Codes and Ethics course certificate.


Public Insurance Adjuster Video Class, Materials
(20 hr course certificate)


Renew a License:
 Printed Books and Online Open-Book Format

California Continuing Education Provider #312269

Our courses make renewing your license easy and fast, printed books or online open-book format, choose the class type you love.




Student Reviews:


“Lou Yaw and his team at America’s Training Center are awesome. Lou has an amazing amount of knowledge…the package that I purchased with the study questions, books, and videos helped me pass on the 1st Try. He is not a monotone speaker, still has his fun outfits, and tells stories to make the curriculum sink in…I passed the exam by 20% more than I needed to. I definitely recommend them!” S. Ahearn

"I took my P&C test yesterday, and I just wanted to thank you and the team at ATC for all your help. I passed with an 88% on my first try, and the questions on the exam prep prepared me well for it. The questions gave me a good sense of the questions that were on the exam, which made studying easier. A colleague recommended this course to me, and I will definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to pass the first try.
~Diana M.

"Completed the online training for Property and Casualty Insurance. Successful! I passed the state exam.

The online class is very lively. It is as if you were in an actual classroom.

Lou lets you know what you need to focus on and provides different ways to allow you to understand the subject."
~Rebeca C.

"Based on my experience with your class, I feel that your class was, foremost, very informative, and very comprehensive. The information you have provided in your class was very useful and helped me to understand many different concepts of insurance that I did not come across before. The videos were great and provided much-needed information to understand how the insurance works and what can be expected out of different insurance policies. The most informative, I found, to be the book. The book is an excellent tool to study for the exam and opened up different issues found in property and business insurance concepts. The trial questions could use some overhaul but overall were good and very informative. I would strongly recommend your course to those who would like to study the business of insurance. Thank you."
~Michael K.

“Just wanted to thank you for the study material I worked on prior to taking my state tests. The material was much more applicable to the actual state test than the pre-licensing study materials I was given through my company from another vendor. I studied both materials before I took the Life and Ethics test and noticed that your study material was the one I retained and applied to the actual test more readily. I decided to strictly use your material when I took the Personal Lines test and once again felt it paralleled the actual test. Thank you once again!
~Gerald C.

“I initially learned about your school from the Internet. I had called several other schools, and after speaking with yours, your knowledge and helpfulness came through. Throughout the time in which I was taking my continuing education course with your school, everyone I spoke with on the phone was incredibly helpful and caring. They knew what courses I should consider and which ones would be best for me, also the speed in which you mailed out my books was very helpful. When I ran into difficulty and called your school, everyone that I have spoken with showed absolute care about me as a student. David was incredibly helpful to me. The material was outstanding and excellent. I just want to give everyone at America's Training Center a four thumbs up (including both hands and feet)! I will definitely be recommending you to everyone I know in the industry. I also look forward to taking more of your courses. Thank you so much for being such a big help.”
~Sami F.

"When I took the online course, I didn’t realize how important those practice questions were. To be completely honest, I don’t think I completed one. And then I lost access to them, and then life got away from me, and I didn’t take the state exam until a few months later. I really recommend taking the practice exams. Without the in-person cram class and taking all of the practice exams, I truly don’t believe that I would have passed the 2nd time." ~ JC


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